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Ok so have you ever wondered about wedding rings and where the whole concept came from? What about wondering why they are worn on the 4th finger of the left hand?

The concept goes back to the Egyptians. The Egyptians used a circle because this circle represented eternity. Most every culture from the Egyptians on have used the wedding ring to symbolize the marriage commitment.

Also, the Egyptians were responsible for the custom of putting their rings on the 4th finger of the left hand. It was believed that this finger had a vein that went straight to the heart, so the rings worn by both people on this finger would connect the two in that fashion. Pretty interesting to hear about how different customs came about, huh?

Now is a wedding ring necessary? Of course not. This is a tradition that was started way back in the day, however no one is required to live by this tradition unless of course your church or wherever you plan on being married requires such customs.

Your marriage is about YOU and YOUR partners commitment to one another. You are free to go with the customs and traditions that you both want to use and you are free to exclude the ones you don't care to be involved in. It's all about both of you and no one else. Again, depending on where and how you are being married, some of these customs may be required, so you should always check with the officiant that will be performing your ceremony before deciding against such customs.

Most folks choose to wear wedding rings because of what they symbolize. They say to anyone that sees it: "Hey, I'm in love and I'm committed to someone for the rest of my life and we took vows to this effect to let the world know how we feel about one another!" And that, my friends, is a pretty serious statement to make to the world. Don't you think?

As for the question of: is the wedding ring meaning REAL? Well, they are as real as you and your partner make them. That goes with just about anything in life.

For me, the idea of a wedding ring is VERY real. I will never wear a ring on the 4th finger of my left hand until I do have some sort of commitment ceremony with my partner (remember, I'm a lesbian and I live in PA, so we're still not allowed to get married or have a civil union or domestic partnership, etc. But no one can stop us from having a commitment ceremony if we choose to do so.) When we shop for rings and when you shop for rings don't forget to check out LoveandPride and Save 10% Off Orders of $250 and Up! Use Coupon Code: NEWCJVIP

and Wedding Rings

Ok so you're a gay man or a lesbian and you want to know what wedding rings have to do with you and your partner?

Well, again, they can have everything to do with you and your partner or they can have absolutely nothing to do with you and your partners' commitment to one another.

Sure, I know just as you do that your commitment to one another is WITHIN your hearts. I do KNOW this and I also know that you don't need to take part in all of the heterosexual traditions to fulfill and show your love for one another.

But I ask you this: If you are at the point in your relationship where you would be ready to get married (if it were legal everywhere) and commit your love to this one person forever....why not let the world know: "Hey, I'm in love and I'm committed to someone for the rest of my life and we took vows to this effect to let the world know how we feel about one another!"

And really the only way to scream that to the world without actually screaming it, is with a wedding ring or commitment ring of some sort. So if you're read then check out the gay wedding rings and lesbian weddings rings here and Save Up to 50% off on Love and Pride Jewelry.

I'm a lesbian. I'm soooo far from being a heterosexual that it's not funny, but allowing the WORLD to see the commitment that I have to the person I love is important to me.

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I don't ever want someone to think that gay people or lesbians don't commit to one another like straight folks do. So, if all of the committed lesbians and gay men in the world went around NOT wearing our rings then THAT is exactly what the world would think.

WE, as gay invidivuals, know that our LOVE is just as real and true as heterosexuals love, so treat it as such and let the world know about it by choosing to take part in the tradition of Gay Wedding Rings or Commitment Rings.

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