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Vermont Honeymoons

(for Gay and Lesbian Couples)

great vermont view

Vermont Honeymoons for gay and lesbian couples are awesome because Vermont is one of those states where you can not only have an awesome time there regardless of the time of the year, but you're also guaranteed a picturesque landscape for your honeymoon pictures! (Which is always a positive, right?)

Vermont is broken up into 3 regions: Northern, Central and Southern. You can find many exciting things to do in each region for your honeymoon as well.

If you're an outdoorsy type you can hike, boat, ski, golf, really anything you can dream of and all with breathtaking views.

But if you're not so much into the outdoors and being one with your partner (and mother nature) then you can spend time in a beautiful bed and breakfast all day (can you say jacuzzi?,) pamper yourself at the spa, catch a local play, visit many historical sites and even check out a few local museums. The possibilities are truly endless when you think of different ideas for vermont honeymoons.

Stowe, which is in Northern Vermont, is best known for it's awesome skiing conditions. You can stay at a bed and breakfast there and ski throughout the day and spend the evening cuddling by a romantic fire.

wood burning fireplace vermont Recently, I took my partner to Wilmington, in Southern Vermont, for her birthday. We stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast in a romantic suite with a wood-buring fireplace and jacuzzi! The name of the bed and breakfast is The Trails End Vermont Country Inn and Spa. The Innkeepers there were awesome! And hopefully you're there on a morning when JR makes his chocolate chocolate chips muffins....Oh my God, they were to die for!

A little hint tho: if you are going during the winter when they are expecting or having snow, make sure you are driving a 4-wheel drive! lol Go ahead, ask me why? JR, one of the innkeepers, had to tow us to the bed and breakfast because our car got stuck in the snow! He was even kind enough to take us out to pick up our dinner because we ALL knew our car wouldn't make it! It certainly was an experience and an adventure. But JR and his wife were very gracious.

And I can honestly say that this would have made a spectacular Vermont Honeymoon spot.

Looking for a romantic activity to do when you're in Vermont for your gay honeymoon or civil union or gay wedding? Well have I got an idea for you.

While Kathy and I were in Vermont I took her to Adams Family Farm for a sleigh ride! Oh my God it was so much fun!

Check it out for yourself! Watch the video below. But I'm warning you, I was sick as a dog while we were on this trip, so I wasn't as talkative and entertaining as I usually am. Seriously though, it was a great time though (note that it's snowing while we're on this sleigh ride and that's why you see the drops of water on the camera.)

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