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Provincetown; a Place for Fun and Romance

Provincetown, Massachusetts is referred to as the Gay and Lesbian Mecca of the U.S. by most folks in the gay and lesbian coumunity.

But....what's it all about? What's the attraction? Perhaps the views like this? Or perhaps it's the way that you can be yourself and it's OK. We are going to find out now what all of the talk is about! And we'll find out why it would be an awesome destination for your gay or lesbian honeymoon!

I really think one of the biggest attractions with Ptown is the fact that you can come here as a gay couple or lesbian couple without the fear of being condemned for who you are, without feeling someone is giving you a "funny" look because of who you love, and even without given a second thought to doing something so sweet and innocent such as holding your partners hand.

Ptown is one of few places in the United States where being a lesbian or gay couple doesn't make you stand out. There is Gay Pride everywhere, even with folks who aren't GAY!

Because of this great acceptance of gays and lesbians in Provincetown, you should know that come the summer months it is jam packed with gay and lesbian couples and singles from all over!

Plus, ever since Massachusetts has legalized same-sex marriage, Ptown has been a constant setting for gay weddings and lesbian weddings.

There is so much to do with your partner whether you're there for your gay or lesbian honeymoon or you're there for your gay or lesbian wedding and honeymoon!

How about viewing a romantic sunset or sunrise together? And there are tons of cozy and romantic bed and breakfasts that you can stay at in Provincetown and of course if you're not the b&b type (I recommend to try it at least once tho) you can also find hotels and motels around that would suit your needs as well.

There are also shops galore, restaurants, galleries and inns all along Commerical Street, which is the main thoroughfare in Provincetown.

If you and your partner are active then I bet a bike ride would be right up your alley! Bikes are actually an excellent way to get around town and you can rent bikes at Ptown Bikes for a reasonable price. Of course the most cost effective option is bringing your own bikes. Make sure you have a strong lock for your bike, a back-pack to hold your water and a helmet. Safety first, always.

A must place to visit in the summer months is Herring Cove Beach. Herring Cove is actually one of the most famous gay beaches in the U.S. When you pull into the Herring Cover parking lot, just start heading to the left to get to the beach. The lesbians tend to gather first, then the gay men and then well you have the nudists. So be warned.

You can also take a sand dune tour with Art! (Well, actually, it's his son Rob running things now, but Art will always be remembered!) Imagine some wine or champagne while you're taking a sunset dune tour courtesy of Arts Dune Tours.

And something that I think would be super fun for everyone is Whale Watching! Imagine how exciting that would be waiting to see the whales diving in and out of the water. There are 2 main companies that do whale watching tours; Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown and Portugese Princess Excursions.

You're generally guaranteed to at least see one whale on your tour, but I think it's fairly standard at both places that if you don't see any whales that you get to come back again. Check with each company to verify; as I'm sure certain terms and conditions may apply.

As you can see there are many romantic and fun things to do in Provincetown. But keep in mind, there are exciting things to do no matter what time of year it is, but I'm just emphasizing the exciting things to do during the peak season in Provincetown.

Soooo, the next time you and your partner talk about a gay honeymoon destination, don't forget Provincetown, Massachusetts! Check out Travelocity for all of your Gay/Lesbian Provincetown Honeymoon Planning needs!

And remember, let's support places, like Massachusetts, that support US!

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