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Mutual Commitment Registry in Utah

How do you become part of it?

First what is it? The Mutual Commitment Registry in Utah is not to be confused with a marriage, civil union or domestic partnership, because it is no where near anything like that.

What the Mutual Commitment Registry in Utah is, is a tool that employers can use to determine benefits (like health care,) it's a way to register your partner so that you have visitation rights when in health care facilities and it allows all registered users the ability to access all facilities owned and operated by the city, such as recreational facilities, in the same manner as that of a spouse or child.

Now in order to join the registry a few requirements must be met:

  • You must make a statement that both of you are in a relationship of mutual commitment, support, and caring, and are responsible for each other? welfare.
  • ou must be each others sole partner
  • You both must be 18 years of age
  • You both must be competent enough to enter into a contract
  • You both must share a residence in Salt Lake City
  • You must provide 3 of the following to prove such a relationship:
  • -A loan obligation that is joint: mortgage, car, lease, etc.

    -A life insurance policy, retirement account or will declaring one of you the others beneficiary; also for a will, declaring the other person executor

    -Mutal power of attorney for health care and financial management

    -Proof of a joint back account or credt card

    -Proof showing that one person is authoized to sign for the others bank account or credit account

    Now after you've met all of the above criteria and you have all of your documents in line you can head to the city recorders to register. Here's what's next:

    • You can download the declaration application here or you can get it at the city recorders. But do NOT sign this application until you get to the city recorders because it MUST BE NOTARIZED.
    • You must pay a $25 application fee.
    • And that's it! You just joined the Mutual Commitment Registry in Utah. Congrats!

      Don't forget to check out our Utah Gay Attorneys page to help you with all of the necessities that our federal government won't help you with because they haven't legalized gay marriage yet.

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