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Gay Marriage in Massachusetts

How do you get one?

Finally! Gay marriage in Massachusetts is Legal! A state in the United States that makes sense and understands that marriage is a sacred union between 2 adults in love, not just a man and a woman in love!

If you are a resident of Massachusetts than this page will tell you how to get your gay marriage in Massachusetts underway.

There are a couple of requirements that must be met first...all of which are pretty standard and of course make perfect sense:

  • You must be 18 years old or older. (You can also have a judge's permission to marry younger.)
  • You must not be married to anyone else. If you were married at one time, the divorce MUST be final.
  • You must not be closely related by blood or marriage to the person you intend to marriage. (Oh my, do we even need to go there???)
  • With those things taken care of you are well on your way to getting your gay marriage in Massachusetts started and finalized! Now comes the marriage license.

    In order to get your marriage license there are obviously a few steps that you must take. Here they are:

    • You and your partner must go to any city or town hall and fill out a " notice of intention of marriage" application.
    • City or town hall will need the following from you both:

      • Name
      • Date of Birth (bring your birth certificate)
      • Occupation
      • Address of residence (bring mortgage statement, utility bill, voters registration card, etc.)
      • Statement of Intent to Reside, if this applies
      • Number of previous marriages and how the last marriage ended (death or divorce)
      • Existence of present or former Civil Union or state-created Domestic Partnership, and dissolution status, if any
      • Birthplace (again, make sure you bring your birth certificate)
      • Full name of parents (including middle and maiden names)
      • Gender (Drivers License should do)
      • Disclosure of whether applicants related by blood or marriage
      • You will need to pay for the license, which varies from city to city. The amount ranges anywhere from $4 to $50. (Don't be afraid to shop around. You marriage is legal in the entire state of Masachusetts regardless of what city or town you get your license in.)
      • You now must wait 3* days before you can go back to get your license. *Do not count the day you filled out the application as 1 day.
      • After you wait the 3 days and you get your license you now have 60 days to have a marriage ceremony performed by a official party (justice of the peace, clergyperson, etc.)
      • Once the gay marriage in Massachusetts ceremony is performed by the official, they will sign it and send it back to the city or town hall where you applied for it. The clerk at city or town hall will then register your marriage and your gay marriage in Massachusetts will be OFFICIAL!!!!
      • Hooray!!! That was a piece of cake, wasn't it??? By the way, congratulations from everyone here at Gay-Marriage-Guide.Com

        Don't forget to check out our Massachusetts Gay Attorneys page to help you with all of the necessities that our federal government won't help you with because they haven't legalized gay marriage yet.

        If you are not a resident of Massachusetts you should know that Governer Mitt Romney has instructed all clerks to deny out-of-state same-sex couples a marriage license unless they plan to reside in Massachusetts.

        There are a few exceptions, of course. If you and your partner had a civil union in Conneticut or Vermont then you can get married in Massachusetts. Also, if you had a Domestic Partnership from California, then you are entilted to a gay marriage in Massachusetts.

        One final exception is Rhode Island. Rhode Island same-sex couples are allowed to marry in Massachusetts. This ruling just recently came to light. Under Massachusetts law there is this part that dates back to 1913 that states if your home state does not specifically prohibit same-sex marriages than you can, in fact, get a gay marriage in Massachusetts.

        Legal Disclaimer

        We here at provide this legal information as a service to the public. It is not to be considered legal advice. We make no claims that the information is complete nor current. Please seek legal counsel for complete, current legal advice.

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