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Gay Engagement Rings
Lesbian Engagement Rings

gay engagement rings

Your gay engagement rings or lesbian engagement rings are where it all starts for some couples. Now whether as a gay or lesbian couple you want to choose to have gay engagement rings, well that is a choice that is up to you.

Traditionally, the woman is given an engagement ring by her fiance. Now as a gay or lesbian couple you can choose for both of you to give each other engagement rings or perhaps just one of you really wants an engagement ring. That is something that you will need to discuss together as a couple.

You may even come up with a new tradition for you partnership. For instance, perhaps you're a couple where one of you would really love to have an engagement ring and have always dreamed of one but the other one isn't so much into engagement rings. movado faceto

Perhaps, one of you could receive a gay engagement ring and maybe the other one would love to receive a nice Movado watch? or maybe a beautiful gold bracelet? You get my drift. You don't have to do the same thing. Do what's right for you and your relationship. It's ok to create your own way!

Me, personally, I'm not so much into receiving an engagment ring myself, but I can point out several different Movado watches that I'd loveeee to have :-)

Of course, neither one of you has to receive an engagement ring or just one of you can be the one to receive a gay engagement ring or lesbian engagement ring. Again, it's entirely up to you both.

What To Look for in a Diamond

In the diamond world there is something called the 4c's. And when looking for a diamond gay engagement ring or lesbian engagement ring, you're going to have to pay full attention to the 4c's. Here are the 4c's and what they're all about:

Clarity of a diamond is used to describe the abscence or presence of flaws inside or on the diamond itself. Just so you know, a perfect, flawless gem is very rare. Plus, most flaws that would be present on a diamond aren't easily visible. You'd actually have to use a jewelers' magnifying glass, believe it or not, to see most present flaws. Check the clarity and if it's acceptable, then you can move on to the next C.

The Color of a diamond often appears to be clear or white, but if you look reallllllly close you'll see that many diamonds will have a hint of yellow or brown in them. The reason? Well it's very rare first of all to find a truly colorless diamond, they are very rare and very valuable. The subtle browns and yellows come from other elements being incorporated into the diamond because of intense heat and pressure.
So your goal is to get your diamond as close to clear as possible.....keep in mind though, don't strive for perfection in this category as I don't think your pocketbook would be able to handle that!

A Carat is the weight of a diamond. A carat is divided into sections called points. 1 carat is divided into 100 points. So a 25 point diamond is equsl to 1/4 carat. A lot of times the smaller diamonds are measured in points. Obviously, the bigger the weight or carat, the higher the price tag. I know that with some women they do get a little picky about the size of their diamond. Some want at least 1 carat or at least 2, etc. You just kinda have to feel out your partner and what their feeling is on carats plus you definitely have to take your budget into account too.

The Cut of a diamond is basically the proportions of a diamonds width, depth and other facets that allow it to interact with light brilliantly. Now diamond craftsmen actually shape diamonds differently to try to create the best proportions for the greatest brilliance of the diamond. I'm sure you've heard these shapes before. Here they are:
gay engagement rings

So now you have the 4c's and you know what to look for when picking out a diamond for your significant other. Often you can have your partner give you some insight into the shape and carat size of the diamond they lean towards. Pay attention and you'll have the perfect gay engagement rings!

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