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Picking Dates for Your Gay or Lesbian Wedding

There are so many dates that are important in planning your wedding, but the biggest, most important is WHEN do you want to have your wedding.

The reason why when you want to have your wedding ceremony is so important is because there are so many other things that revolve around this particular time. Remember, we said a huge part of gay and lesbian wedding planning is being prepared?

Be prepared by having a backup plan for EVERYTHING. Always have backup days in mind for your wedding, always have backup choices in mind for your wedding location, reception location, officiant, etc. Always be prepared.

You can't control whether a certain location is available on your projected wedding day or if your number one pick for an officiant is available but you CAN control the whole entire wedding planning process in general and you can keep specific details including the a date timeline of everything.

So, in order to get prepared with your dates and stay focused; may we suggest buying a calendar or a daytimer or something of that nature specifically for your wedding. If you buy one just for your gay wedding planning needs than every timeframe and detail will be in one place. You don't want to stress over everything, so be prepared and stay focused with a calendar or a daytimer.

There is also some awesome software out there that can help you keep track of all kinds of details asssociated with your big day. This is something that you may definitely want to check out. It may be worth the small investment just for the piece of mind of having all of your details in order!

Don't forget to check out our timeline that we developed for you. This will help you with all of the other dates and what needs to be done when in relation to your big wedding day!

Now that we summarized the different areas involved in the gay and lesbian wedding planning process, be sure to visit each category in detail and take some notes. Remember, the entire gay and lesbian wedding planning process goes much more smoothly when you are PREPARED.

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